Wrestlessaince 2013

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan, arguably the favorite to win tonight’s Money in the Bank All-Stars match.

I’ve been immersed in internet culture for about as long as I’ve been a wrestling fan. Not until now did it ever dawn on me to start writing about one of my favorite art forms in our American Popular Culture. I’ve contributed plenty about movies, comics, and other interests, but anything regarding sports entertainment has been mainly relegated to assorted musings on social media. So why start a dedicated site to discuss what happens between the ropes?

Ever since WrestleMania 29 earlier this year, the WWE product has seen arguably its biggest overhaul since the early Oughts when they figured out how to manage the influx of talent from their purchase of WCW. Its expanded, multiplatform storytelling strategies along with the new blood being placed in the main event scene has led to quite a few thoughts on the business swirling through my head (thus the catalyst for Low Blow Blog’s creation).

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